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Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Boilers

For over 140 years, Vaillant has been creating top-quality boilers and leading the way as one of Europe’s top heating system manufacturers. Sustainability is a key part of Vaillant’s beliefs and you can often save more than 30% of your energy output a year, by replacing an old boiler with a new Vaillant boiler.

From producing some of the first water heaters in the 1900s to developing the combi boiler over 30 years ago, Vaillant has always been at the forefront of creating top-quality, efficient boilers to save you money in heating costs.

Valliant ecoFIT Pure

This high performance and compact unit is the perfect small boiler for homes of all shapes and sizes. With the EcoFIT pure’s dynamic aluminum heat exchanger, you can experience exceptional performance and low energy consumption in your home.
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Valliant ecoTEC Pro

These boilers are known for high quality, reliability, and performance whilst being extremely economical. The EcoTEC pro has built-in two-stage frost protection to ensure your home stays warm all year round.
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Valiant ecoTEC Plus

One of the most reliable compact boilers in the market today, the EcoTEC Plus delivers remarkable energy efficiency to warm your home.
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