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Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann Boilers

Viesmann are great boilers renowned for their high efficiency and high performance. Viesmann boilers are an excellent choice for reliable heating for your home or business in Southampton, whilst helping you to save money on your energy bills and to reduce your impact on the environment. One of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling systems, Viesmann was founded in 1917 and has always prided itself on creating innovative heating systems being as cost-effective as possible.

Vitodens 050-w

This boiler is equipped with a state of the art stainless steel heat exchanger, efficiently converting the supplied energy into heat, while consuming very small amounts of natural gas.
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Vitodens 100-w

Affordable, quiet, energy-efficient. Combined with Viesmann’s renowned reliability of their boilers due to their new innovative technology. The Vitodens 100-w is a great choice for well-insulated homes.
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Vitodens 200-w

The future of boilers. High efficiency, low emissions. This durable boiler is excellent for heating larger homes.
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We are happy to be working with Viessmann as one of their trained installers. We have completed our training on their domestic, including the Vitodens 050, Vitodens 100 and Vitodens 200 range of boilers.

These boilers are excellent both in quality and after market service. Recommending the best boiler for the job is a responsibility we don’t take lightly as it is our reputation on the line. That is why Viessmann boilers are now our primary recommended boiler of choice for installations we undertake.

The Vitodens 100 & 200 have both been awarded “Which Best Buy” status, which further reinforces the confidence we have in their products.

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